Hi! Thanks for viewing my webpage. You came to the right place.

If you read my comments about my songs you will leave this page with new insights.

See overview over my already published CDs under the Music-tag and the CDs-tag, as well as comments.

Email me to kris at krisjons com if you want to buy a copy of my CDs.

I published a new original CD in July 2009 on

Listen to sample of every sound track on for FREE: :

Select Albums and then the a CD. Then you get an index for the song tracks of that CD.
You might have to sign up as a member of That is easy and FREE.
Check it out now, FREE. You won't regret!
PS: On the same page you can also buy and download selected songs and CDs at a bargain price.

PSps: Yes, I know that the site looks a little raw  for the time being, but pictures of and from the albums and more stuff will be added sooner than later. Also the lyrics with the songs on Kveikjur.

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