My first CD, “Kveikjur” from 1998, was inspired by my concern about the need to protect our Mother Earth, so vulnerable as she is.

At that time there had been a heavy and at times furious debate going on in Iceland regarding taking unspoiled vegetated areas in the wilderness under dam for a huge power plant there and an aluminium factory to be built on the east coast, the biggest and one of the most controversal investments in the country's history. This was my (small) contribution to that debate, where my angle was feelings for the creation of nature which is so easy to spoil but takes her thousands of years to make left alone. The texts of two songs are exclusively about the conservation of nature and some other about such feelings also. Not in a protesting manner, but in suggestions about how to give a thought to some critical issues, by trying to trigger off some feelings about them, f.x. feelings to care about that our children and their children would be able to see and experience untouched and unspoiled wilderness areas in the future; “neighbourhoods” made by nature, not man.

The name of the disc Kveikjur means Ignitions. My aim was to make new insights to these matters and to start a new thinking. The picture inside the cover is from Sedona in Arizona, as you might guess. I was visiting American friends, a family in Scottsdale AZ, at that time. I was overwhelmed by this almost pre-historical sight from the top of a hill where one of the vortexes in the area is and I came to think about the indians which centuries ago had inhabited those areas in freedom.

The musicians I hired to play and sing on the disc are well known professionals here in Iceland.

There is a little story about the method I used to come up with a name of the disc. I just went into a little spontaneous one-minute meditation asking about an appropriate name. With closed eyes I then opened and paged through an English dictionary and stopped when I felt like it pointing with my finger somewhere on the open page. When I opened my eyes my finger was pointing directly to the word signal! I interpreted it as an ignition!

My second disc, Talandi tónar (Talking tunes), is a little different.

I am every now and then recording ideas of tunes when they occour in my mind at home, and at times making demos of the melodies in my little sound studio at home (with Pro Tools recording and editing system). I had been making demos of my own for these songs by using guitar for soloing the melodies. I came to think about that some songs were actually suitable for that kind of music so I hired this professional musician Vilhjalmur Gudjonsson, a renowned guitar player in Iceland who plays all kinds of instruments, to arrange and record the songs; he also did on my first disc Kveikjur. Then the only way left to present some messages directly from my bare hands beside the melodies themselves was to paint a picture for each song accompanied with some meditating words which the playing of the melody is to interpret. The names for each song appeared in my mind gradually. I painted the icons for the songs in a straight right after short meditations about each song/name. I did not draw sketches first but painted directly as inspired at the moment with oil pastel colours on adequate A4-sheets. I enclose a robust direct translation of the words of the cover in the following.

I think it is important for the listener to know the names of the songs and what they mean. So, take a look at my comments about each song on my discs under the CDs tag.

After having read and listened to many self-study learning courses on self-improvement and success I am asthonished and impressed to have learned that almost all the subjects dealt with in the songs are fundamental parts in them in many ways.

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